Node.js was popping up in my radar now and then over the past couple of  years. The simplicity of web server combined with modular and expandable  rest API based interface interested me for over a year and wanted to  get a first hand experience on how this technology fares.

I tried couple of hello-world projects but the experience is no more  than seeing a new car in a show room. One thing i have realised in the  past about new technologies is not to draw any conclusions based on  hello-word examples and projects. In many cases these hello-world  tutorials and projects are one of the explicit use cases of new tools  now a days. So to get a real sense of the tool one should use the tool  to solve a real world problem where one could see tangible benefits.

I was looking for a real world problem to give the node.js a spin for few months and finally stumbled up on one.

In my  organisation I started promoting more collaborative and open chat rooms  for quick and transparent information sharing. Slack was the first  choice on the list and since most of its good stuffs are in its paid  service I naturally had to check for any alternatives. One potential  alternative I found is “Microsoft Teams”. “Microsoft Teams” which was  released recently, like slack, is a chat room based collaboration  environment and it bundled with office 365 subscription. Since my  organisation already had office 365 subscription I decided to give  “Microsoft Teams” a spin.
Asking  colleagues to start using new chat application was harder than what I  though. People are more comfortable using skype which they were using  for years now. Even though they understand the limitations of it,  simplicity of the tool got them stuck to it. Since, I still believe an  open and inclusive collaboration platform is very essential for any  organisations success I am trying to find way to increase the adaption  of “Microsoft Teams”.

Since  its relatively a new software, the tool sets and plugins that come  along with it are limited and many of the available useful plugins are a  paid service. That was bit of a let down for me but an interesting is  that on further exploration I found the extension framework, i.e.,  plugins, bots, connectors, for Microsoft Teams is quite open and easy to  plugin new applications. The recommended tools for this framework are  C# and Node.js. And this bring me to this post.

So  “Microsoft Teams” plugins seems like a good Node.js use case with a  tangible value additions that I could try out to befriend Node.js, or  actually i should say Node.js to befriend me 😉

Going forward I will be posting more articles on my probe on Node.js with “Microsoft Teams” plugin.

To be continued…