AI&ML for telecom

AIML is the talk of the tech community nowadays. AI and ML have found its roots in many industries and products. It is used in a variety of use cases from scientific researches like LHC/CERN experiments to business forecasting to stock market trading.

Telecom industry is usually slow in catching up the technologies but the cycle is closing fast nowadays. Telecom industry is gaining good pace in adopting new technologies in recent times, especially after the transition to IP network as its primary underlying transport. It is even fair to say the industry has adopted many major technologies in recent times than what it did in its entire history. For example technologies like Cloud, Virtual Functions, Software Defined Networks, Micro Services, edge computing, network slicing, etc.

Next on the card for Telecom industry is the AI and ML. There are quite a bunch of industry use cases with AI and ML the industry is already working on. And by looking at the potential of AI and Deep learning, one can say that we are barely scratching the surface and a lot of path-breaking use cases are yet to evolve.

Following are some of the interesting use cases that are currently circling around the Telecom industry. The use cases can be broadly classified under the following categories: “Planning & Optimisation”, “Stability & Reliability”, and “Back Office Optimisation”

Planning & Optimisation:

  • Self Optimising network
  • Spectral Performance Management which enables granular capacity planning
  • Intelligent edge
  • Paging Optimisation
  • Traffic Classification
  • Traffic Routing

Stability & Reliability

  • QoS & QoE Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Network Security attack prediction and neutralisation
  • Cell Site Degradation Prediction
  • Traffic Prediction and Resource Management
  • Congestion Control
  • Fault Management and automatic recovery

Back Office Optimisation

  • Improved customer experience through customer service chatbots.
  • Speech and voice services for the customer which allows users to explore media content by spoken word rather than remote control.
  • Similar Ticket Recognition