In my current organisation, most of the work assignment and tracking happens via Jira. Since we recently started Microsoft Teams as a collaboration environment a Jira plugin for Teams will be a useful tool.

The  Atlassian already has a Teams plugin for Jira, but it is a paid service. Moreover, customisation is very limited in the tool. An alternative opensource variant for this tool will prove to be useful.  Also, since there is no proper mobile app for Jira servers a Jira plugin in teams could bridge some of those gaps as well.

Following are the primary use cases of the plugin:

  1. Subscribe to one or more Jira query per channel. New Jira’s and state changes in the query are to be posted to the channel.
  2. Provide a rich message card for the Jira that can be posted in the message. Basically, Compose Rich Message Teams extension for Jira.

For now, I am planning to focus on only these two use cases for now and will check out variations and new use cases after getting the primary scenarios working. This should keep my work focused yet sufficiently diverse for the learning.

I am planning to use the medium posts as a journal entry where I will record my progress, learning, mistakes and experiences.

I will be using the following GitHub repository to manage related code.

Do keep a tab if you are interested.

…until next post